About Docshok

DocShok is a public library created to provide convenience and build an online community for people to share resources. DocShok allows the sharing of documents of various formats – including MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and PDF. The public platform of DocShok will allow users to easily not only download and share documents, but conveniently upload material and content for other users.

DocShok provides an easy and a user-friendly interface for members to upload as well as download and share documents and content. If members find content relevant to their team, or if they feel that material and content may be useful to their friends, they can also directly share it with them through a push-button instead of downloading it for them. This feature makes learning not only easy and fun, but also supportive and exciting.

The DocShok platform has been categorized into various sections, and users can browse through these sections to locate the various content and material they are looking for. These sections include, for example, marketing, history, organizational behavior, etc.

DocShok has been created with the aim of allowing users the ease of getting access to resources which would have otherwise been impossible to locate. The platform has a vision of creating the most extensive and the most useful online libraries for relevant documents pertaining to various fields. On a happier note, we also feel that when strangers within the DocShok platform network to upload relevant material, the strength of the online community increases, and users turn from strangers into a family.