Copyright Policy

At DocShok, we respect the members and authors right over their original ideas and files. We recognize and appreciate the importance of originality as well as creativity, and uphold the author’s right over their content above and over everything else. As a result, DocShok follows strict copyright policy rules and regulations.

The DocShok platform supports and encourages the uploading of original files only. Copyrighted and trademarked material and content is that which is attributed to other authors for its originality. In accordance with DMCA, DocShok supports a clear copyright policy and follows the regulations laid down by DMCA. The platform is strictly vigilant towards infringement by users in their postings and uploaded files. Any paper and document that has copyrighted material within its content, or/and any paper which is completely copyrighted will be taken down immediately after investigation. If documents and files that are copyrighted are found to have been uploaded on the website, the user will face severe repercussions, from penalties to even a life-time ban. The company will first inform and warn the copyrights infringers. On instances where a user has been found to engage in repeat copyright infringement i.e. posting copyrighted material and content more than once, the user will be taken off the DocShok community list permanently.

The Copyrights policy at DocShok includes:

  • Posting of material and content that is copyrighted and trademarked without taking prior permission from the author
  • Positing of personal and private information of users, such as pictures and other data that is not present in public record without the user’s knowledge – which is a violation of user’s privacy
  • Engagement in libel/slander/defamation of any user, his family and/or his company
  • Positing of spam, pornographic content and/or hate speech
  • Making a false claim against a user which may have resulted in his termination etc.

The use of services provided by DocShok is at all times subject to the company’s terms of use, which also incorporates the copyright policy and its various factors.

Members are free to report files and documents which they feel violate the copyrights regulations, and our team at DocShok will immediately look into it. You can do this by emailing us directly, sending over a fax or even by mailing us. You will need to provide us with:

  • - Your complete name and contact number
  • - Name of the document/paper you feel is copyrighted
  • - URL to the copyrighted material/document
  • - Name of the user who uploaded copyrighted material