DMCA Guidelines

Docshock complies with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Any infringement done as per the laws and regulation mentioned under this copyright act will be met with severe penalisations – which will include a termination of the user id without prior notice as well as blacklisting of the user’s identification across different digital information-sharing platforms. Docshock is a morally ethical platform which upholds the integrity of original authors of all works published. Similarly, if you are a copyright owner of original work, and believe that the content uploaded on our platform by our users violates your copyright, you may directly contact us for support. You can contact our copyright agents, and provide him with the following details in writing for record-keeping:

  • Identification of the copyrighted work that is deemed to have been violated
  • Identification of the infringement and the work that violates the original work
  • Signature of the original author, as well as signatures of his authoritative legal counsel
  • Contact details of the original author
  • which will be needed by docshock for corresponding over the issue with the original author
  • A statement of good faith, and a statement authorising rights to the legal counsel, or the complaining party by the original authors of the work.

A counter-notice sent by you should similarly include

  • User signature
  • physical or electronic
  • Identification of content that has been removed or disabled by the docshock platform
  • A statement of good faith claiming that the user believes that the content was removed by mistake or because of misidentification
  • Details of contact if the user which will be needed by the docshock team for maintaining correspondence over the issue with the user
  • All correspondence regarding copyright infringements and content conflicts must be addressed to the legal team at docshock, which may be contacted at the given details. You will receive a reply regarding your query and/or claim within five working days from our legal team.