Privacy policy

The services operated and offered through the domain docshock are managed and handled by docshock. The docshock platform allows users to connect, and share information and research through uploading transferable documents with the docshock community. By using the docshock services and becoming a member of the docshock community, you agree to uphold and abide by the privacy policy mentioned below for your reference. Docshock reserves the right to alter, change and amend the privacy policy without prior notice to the community and members. Users are advised and encouraged to check the privacy policy frequently to remain updated with any changes that may be made.

Information gathered and administered by docshock


For members and users of the docshock platform, the docshock management reserves the right to save your personal information. This includes all information which may be used to identify you. The docshock management also reserves the right to manage your content, and keep it in the media records.


The docshock management and platform will log and record information regarding your IP address, and browsing details. These details will include the content types that you have browsed through as well as the time spent during browsing on various contents.
Information gathered from users and visitors is used to help us improve our services, and refine content suggestions and categories for you. Occasionally, these may be shared with third parties who offer services regarding your interests – as may be evident through your browsing cycles. All information will be shared with third parties with users consent.
Third parties may also be partnering with us for implementing, improvising, and collecting information regarding data analytics, and user behaviours. These companies may have access to and collect unique information regarding your browsing habits as well as user identification for purposes of data analytics.

Information collected during registration

User information is also collected and recorded during the registration process. This will include general identification details and demographic details such as:

  • Name
  • gender
  • Age
  • Marital status
  • Profession
  • Qualification
  • Email address
  • Physical address
  • Contact number
  • Credit card information - optional. However, this will be mandatory for future purchases made through or for our docshock platform through your id.

Credit card information

When you share your credit card details with docshock, you also voluntarily give the platform consent and permission to share your information with third-party merchants and billing processors etc.

Information sharing policy

Docshock will share any personal information of the users with any third party. This information will be used internally to improve your user experience with docshock by filtering ads, content suggestions and authors as per your browsing tastes and interests.

Content copyright policy

All original work and research uploaded by the users will be credited to them. Docshock will not take any credit for these researches or works. The original authors will have the authority to make changes to their work, upgrade it, or delete it completely if they wish to do so.